Saturday, November 17, 2007

A Different Blog

It is very difficult for blogs with more "serious" content not to become absorbed with the idiosyncrasies and opinions of their authors. My first one was. Instead of trying to pontificate on topics I know very little about, this blog will be almost exclusively dedicated to posts of quoted material of Father Joseph Kentenich, founder of the Schoenstatt Movement within the Catholic Church. You see, he should be listened to. This is not theoretical philosophy, or psychology, or theology. It is as practical as the six months he spent in an SS prison, the three years he spent in Dachau concentration camp, or the fourteen years in exile in the United States as his Movement underwent intense scrutiny by Church authorities in his abscence. There are precious little of his writings in English online, so these little pearls are my small contribution to the capital of grace of my Mother Thrice Admirable. He was and is truly a Father to many, and as his tombstone inscription states; "dilexit ecclesiam", "He loved the Church".

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