Sunday, January 20, 2008

The Law of Organic Transference

Profound religious experience usually predisposes a corresponding experience in the natural order. A religious father experience presupposes a father experience in the natural order. A religious mother experience usually presupposes a a corresponding experience in the natural order. The same hold good for love of brothers or sisters.

The deeper reason for this normal, general law is the law of world government which can be traced back to the common denomninator: God rules the world according to the law of organic transference and transmission.

When we have reached the summit of this convention*, we will take the opportunity to come back to this once more. Here it suffices to know to some degree what is implied. God transfers to secondary causes --in our case our parents -- a part of his attributes: something of His omnipotence, His love, His wisdom. While transferring these to the parents he is thinking of the child. Hence, the law of organic transference. In educating themselves and others, humans should take the same law as their guideline; they too should apply the law of organic transference. The reverance, love, and obedience we owe ultimately to God, we should transfer to secondary causes, to our parents or to authorities similar in nature. It is, however, a law of organic transference, ie. while loving father, mother, and siblings, we simultaneously love God and our Blessed Mother. That is a matter of course; it is the fundamental Catholic perspective. With this we have touched upon a basic law; countless times during this convention we will take a closer look at it.

Excerpts from "Forming the New Person" p. 32. Printed by Schoenstatt Editions 2003. Translated from the German by Milagros Vega. Edited and reviewed by Jonathan Neihaus.

*The convention he is talking about is pedagogical conference he was speaking at on Oct. 2-5, 1951. This book is based on a transcipt of those talks.

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