Sunday, April 13, 2008

Attachment To God

Our modern times are forever restless and agitated, there is ferment and strife, confusion and bustle everywhere. Consequently, we have more need than ever to seek quiet in God, to bind all the chords of our heart to Him.

This does not mean that we shoud go off to some island and leave the world to itself or to the enemies of our religion. No, our times need men who are at peace with themselves-- interiorly and exteriorly appoved and raised above every uncertainty and doubt-- men who draw their strength from an intimate attachment to God enabling them to impress the image of Christ on the world in spite of all opposition.

These are the great artists of life who are needed today more than ever before and whom we call everyday saints. The more turbulent our days and the more pressing the needs, the more earnestly and thoroughly do they strive for a strong, reliable foundation for their lives and their activities, namely, a deep attachment to God.

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